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Firefighter fans developed in the field. For more than 10 years, BLOWHARD has exclusively manufactured PPV fans for firefighters that exceed the previous industry standard. BLOWHARD introduced the first battery-powered fan to the market in 2011. BLOWHARD is currently revolutionizing the effectiveness and efficiency of firefighting fans with its High-Flow Jet airflow management system. This new and highly efficient generation of fans succeeds in replacing electric fans and gasoline fans and even surpasses their performance values. 

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BLOWHARD Fulfills DIN 14963

BlowHard firefighting ventilators have been tested and comply with the new DIN 14963 standard for portable ventilation equipment.

Quickee – DIN14963-EM-A-1-1
Commando –DIN14963-EM-A-2-1


Battery life is important for PPV Firefighting-Fans because every firefighter should decide for himself when he no longer needs the high-pressure fan. BLOWHARD relies on integrated high-power batteries because they enable a loss-free energy transfer, a longer running time of the fans, and a longer life than is possible with replaceable batteries. In addition to battery temperature management, the integrated battery technology also enables the IP 67 standard. The devices are therefore dust & waterproof and are therefore also ideally suited for tough firefighting operations.

The fundamental goals for every BLOWHARD Firefighting Fan are the highest and industry-leading performance values. Here, not only the battery, motor, and electronics used are decisive, but also in particular the aerodynamic design of the fan unit, such as the rotor blades and their number, as well as the design of the air grille and much more. The decisive factor is how efficiently the fan is able to handle the power provided by the battery.

Performance without control is useless. This also applies to firefighting fans. Even the highest air volumes and the highest air pressure are of no use if they cannot be targeted and used efficiently at the point of use. The BLOWHARD High-Flow-Jet airflow management system takes advantage of the already high-performance values of BLOWHARD fans and directs them precisely to the desired location. It simply offers you more options and reserves. It makes BLOWHARD an unbeatable helper in fire and smoke management.

Not every location is the same. The BLOWHARD fan design allows you to continuously tilt the airflow up to 180 degrees and precisely adjust the airflow to the conditions at the deployment site. This stepless adjustment capability allows for a wide range of tactical settings and arrangements at the job site. BLOWHARD provides you with simple but highly effective and safe PPV ventilation, no matter what the nature of your deployment site looks like.

On the emergency site, every second counts. BLOWHARD units are designed to be deployed very quickly and with maximum effectiveness at the fire scene. Both, the lightweight and the small volume of the PPV ventilators are of crucial importance for rescuers. The units are light enough to be carried to the scene by a single person and take up little storage space on fire trucks.

BLOWHARD firefighting fans are designed and manufactured for use in the toughest fire scene conditions. Water, sand, impact, and heat make little difference to the BLOWHARD fans. No wonder, because they were developed together with firefighting professionals. Despite their lightness, no compromises are made on solid construction. The firefighter fans are suitable and tested for many years of use under the toughest firefighting conditions.

At the scene of a fire, every second counts. This applies both to the fire scene and to the rescuers as well as the possible victims. BLOWHARD high-pressure ventilators, which are indispensable in such rescues, are therefore ready for use extremely quickly. The firefighters’ concentration should be on the operation and tactics at the fire scene, not on the cumbersome set-up and operation of the firefighting ventilators. BLOWHARD fans are built in such a way that anyone can quickly set them up at the scene, even without explanation

As easy as that – Simply set down the BLOWHARD fan, align it and start the high-pressure fan, focusing full attention on the source of the fire. The operation of the equipment must not be a mystery. Electronic “gimmicks” are of little use, as concentration should be on the mission and mission-tactics, not on the operation of the equipment. Even without technical training, BLOWHARD fans are very easy to operate.

BLOWHARD PPV positive pressure ventilators are designed for low operating costs. On the one hand, the units offer very high mechanical quality combined with a very long service life. The fire department ventilators always provide you with appropriate reserves, which reduces the overall load on the ventilators. The availability of spare parts and corresponding warranty plans further reduce your operating costs. Components of the highest quality are installed which have been developed in-house and manufactured for this purpose. Only the most modern, reliable, tested, and certified battery technology is used. So that the rescuers do not face any surprises.


BLOWHARD PPV Fans - Firefighting-Fans, Firefighter-Fans, Firefighting-Ventilators, Firefighter-Ventilators, Firefighting-Blowers, Firefighter-Blowers

Charging electronics – The built-in charging electronics enable short charging times and load balancing on the vehicle. This is done via the mains socket and without additional and space-consuming chargers.

Power electronics – The integrated power electronics enable maximum battery runtimes through optimum temperature control, thus protecting the batteries and extending their service life.

BLOWHARD PPV Fans - Firefighting-Fans, Firefighter-Fans, Firefighting-Ventilators, Firefighter-Ventilators, Firefighting-Blowers, Firefighter-Blowers

Dual-Power – Blowhard fans can switch seamlessly and without interruption between battery and mains power, eliminating the need for replacement batteries and requiring little attention during use.

Large Battery – Blowhard uses the largest possible batteries to avoid high peak loads and therefore temperature spikes during power output. This extends the life of the integrated batteries.

BLOWHARD PPV Fans - Firefighting-Fans, Firefighter-Fans, Firefighting-Ventilators, Firefighter-Ventilators, Firefighting-Blowers, Firefighter-Blowers

Ergo-Fold – The airflow of a Blowhard unit can be adjusted steplessly and easily up to 180 degrees to ensure a wide working range. This is accomplished in a simple, intuitive manner, even in inaccessible work locations.

Mandatory program: Stepless tilt adjustment – Ultimately, how well you can position the fan at the inlet opening is also crucial for successful ventilation. But this inlet opening does not always play along and is often also above or below the normal level. Since we know that the distance to the inlet opening is important, it is often necessary to ventilate upwards (stairs) or downwards (cellar entrance).

Experiments have clearly shown that the optimal meeting of the entrance opening plays a very decisive role in the success of the operation. An optimal angle of inclination (negative as well as positive) makes it possible to use the whole power of the fan even in more inaccessible places. The differences between the devices can be proven in practice by means of suitable measuring instruments. However, it is recommended for practical use to adjust the tilt angle of the respective fan so that the air flow is directed centrally to the inlet opening. Not all devices are easy to adjust the tilt angle. Each manufacturer has its own system in use here and in some cases the inclination angles are severely limited. Ventilations into staircases (positive) or into cellars (negative) or even into shafts (negative) are made impossible (Attention: Shaft ventilation also requires EX-protected fans).

Not only the inclination up or down promises corresponding improvement of the performance, but also the positioning of the fan to the left or right (and thus out of the actually straight ventilation axis) can maximize the success depending on the location. But more about that in the part: Ventilation tactics of this knowledge series.

BLOWHARD PPV Fans - Firefighting-Fans, Firefighter-Fans, Firefighting-Ventilators, Firefighter-Ventilators, Firefighting-Blowers, Firefighter-Blowers

Fan design – rotor and ventilation grille are specially designed for the task at hand. They guarantee maximum build-up of air volume and air pressure with minimum energy consumption.

High-flow jet – Blowhard airflow management combines the advantages of jet airflow with those of cone airflow. As a result, the units offer the user a wide range of applications with corresponding reserves.

BLOWHARD PPV Fans - Firefighting-Fans, Firefighter-Fans, Firefighting-Ventilators, Firefighter-Ventilators, Firefighting-Blowers, Firefighter-Blowers

Lightweight construction – The Blowhard equipment design was developed together with firefighters in the field and features extremely high load capacity combined with low weight and equipment volume.

Quick connectors – Blowhard is easy and quick to use. Powerful pot magnets allow quick attachment of accessories such as water rings or hoses.


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